Nonprofits are the backbone of society. They help those in need and research problems that cause our communities great distress. After working in the nonprofit arena for years, I decided I wanted to use my professional passion (Event Planning) to serve my other passion (Nonprofits). 

Events by TRB is currently saving Nonprofits an abundant amount of money by providing contract services for projects as they need assistance on items listed below:

  • Event Solutions
  • Event Operations and Planning
  • Data Management
  • Retreats
  • Donor Management
  • Donor Engagement
  • Venue Research
  • New Event Ideas
  • Digital Management 
  • Event Photography 
  • And many more...!

Does your Nonprofit host only a few events a year or are you interested in hosting a new event and have no idea how to start this process, not to mention you cannot afford year round staffing for this? Events By TRB is the perfect solution, offering you a contract specific to your needs. 


Corporate events can be tricky and busy. Making sure the client is happy, giving great customer service and paying attention to all the details. Let us give you a hand.  We specialize in: 

Conferences - Luncheons - Golf Tournaments - Business Meetings - Awards Ceremonies - Retreats - Seminars - Team Building - Major Productions - Happy Hours - And much more! 

My husband, Patrick, and I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany Balmer since mid-2012 on an annual event. Tiffany + Sarah Petit Fund = A Perfect Match.

Tiffany has met all the criteria for us, and then some. She throws her whole self into any project yet still manages her time and energy well and maintains excellent relationships with everyone else involved. She has a great future, especially with nonprofits seeking to give anyone a hand up, because that is where her heart is. She successfully melds the practical with the idealistic, a winning combination