Government Events


Government is run with precision and detail; The DC Event Planner, LLC uses the same values. We understand the importance of a budget and the importance of following the proper protocols. We make sure the mission of the organization is represented from the signing of the first invoice until the breakdown of the event. An event is vital to the organization's yearly plan of action. Regardless, if it's a 7 person retreat or a 30,000 person production; details and dedication will dictate a positive outcome. It has and will always be our goal to understand our clients needs, wants and budget to ensure we plan the event they desire.

We provide:

  • Attendee management and registration
  • Banqueting menus/reception menus
  • Budget Management
  • Creative Design and Concept
  • Destination Events
  • Event purchases (gifts/favors, handouts, auction items, giveaways,)
  • Event Project Management
  • Hotel contracts
  • Logistics (travel, VIP’s, agency protocol)
  • Material Production
  • Negotiation of all contracts (vendors, rentals, venues, edits/updates)
  • On-Site Coordination and Staffing
  • Operations (timelines, arrivals/departures, event training)
  • Seating
  • Show-Flow
  • Venue Selection and Negotiation
  • Venue set up and diagram management
  • Vendor management (deliveries, updated contracts, hiring, training)


NIGP Codes

  • 962-34-00: Event Planning Services
  • 915-23-00: Conference Coordinating and Planning Services
  • 915-23-19: Coordinating And Planning Services, Conference
  • 915-23-40: Planning Services, Meeting And Conference


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