So last year I booked a wedding in #paris sadly the wedding was canceled. During that process I learned that Paris was on my moms #bucketlist so I called the amazing travel agent @therealcicelycrooks and within a few days the trip was back on. Then mom told my god mommy and cicley was able to include her in the travel plans. It all worked out so perfectly. We really had a blast. Paris is such a beautiful place. .

While there we did the @blackparistours Which was a Huge highlight of the trip. If you are ever in Paris do yourself a favor and go. Who knew there was a little Africa in Paris!! .

We also ended up being extras in a music video for @shayne9th @akselgaspard ! Very nice young men. Support their work! .

Also had some bomb Chinese food. I mean the best rice I’ve ever had in life and I eat a lot of rice. .

Shout out to my travel buddies. Had a blast with y’all. Mom, aunt Loretta and Wilford from Belgium! He held us down with the French! .

I also got to the see the love locks!! #parislovers🇫🇷 #parislovelockbridge  #parislockbridge .

Traveling internationally while working on US hours is hard work. Salute to y’all who do it all the time. .


MERCI DE LIRE CECI (thanks for reading this) ✌🏾😝

Tiffany Balmer